HID 380BSW with Linear CMY, Beam, Spot, Wash 3in1. The Light source is OSRAM SIRIUSHRI® 371W S. Read More +


CE Certification


ISO Standards


RoHS Certificate


Light source

OSRAM 371W Lamp


Color temperature





Zoom Angle

4.2°-29.5° (spot mode)

Beam380 spot CMY moving head light-BSW 3in1

Product Description

Appearance and light effect

TV-NC380BSW is developed for engineering projects. The body is designed to have an efficient cooling function. It uses the original Osram 371W lamp bulb as a light source, which makes it powerful for use. The illumination is up to 266,000 lux under 2.6 degrees spot mode at a 10-meter distance.

Excellent optical system

Unique optical system design. Three color wheels form the CMY infinite color mixing system. There are multi-point color temperature changes, like 5600K, and 3200K. 7 ratio zoom angle. 8-facet prism and 24 honeycomb prism can be superimposed to use.

Characteristics of the product

1. Function: Beam+Spot+Wash+CMY.

2. Light source: SIRIUS HRI 371W S+

3. 1 color wheel: 12 color chips+ white light, with two-way rotation

4. CMY infinite color mixing

5. 1 fixed gobo plate,13 types of patterns + white circles

6. 1 rotating gobo plate, 8 types of patterns + white circles

7. Prism 1: 8 prism, Prism 2: 24 prism

8.Focus angle: 4.2°-29.5° (spot mode)

9.DMX channel: 29/25channels


Model TV-NC380 BSW
Voltage Voltage: AC90V-240V, 50/60Hz

Power: 530W (90V)

Light source Light Source: SIRIUS HRI 371W S+

Color temperature: 7650K

Life span: 3000H

Working environment IP20/-10℃ ~ 45℃
X/Y X: 540°(16 bit precision scan)

Y: 270°(16 bit precision scan)

Automatic error correction reset function

Color CMY+CTO(5600K/3200K)
System Built-in programs to choose from Upgrade via DMX data cable

Can change the DMX address code from the console, remote control switch bulb, machine reset, and other functions

Display lamp and light source usage time

2 channel modes: 29/25 channels

Prism 2 prism plates

Prism 1: 8 prism

Prism 2: 24 prism

Display Chinese and English languages can be switched

The display can be reversed 180°

Effect Atomization: Independent atomization

Dimming:0-100% linear dimming

Strobe: up to 25Hz, can choose random strobe or pulse strobe

Gobo 1 fixed gobo plate,13 types of patterns + white circle.

1 rotating gobo plate, 8 patterns + white circles.

Size & weight Product size: 657*422*301mm

Net weight: 25.5KG


High-temperature automatic protection

DMX512, RDM function

DMX shortcut interface

DMX channel: 29/25CH

RDM function




Suitable for large-scale concerts, stage performances, theatres, television studios, lighting projects, exhibitions.