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  Discharge-lamp Moving head lights are a great way to add drama and excitement to your setup. From bright beams to bold patterns, each fixture brings a range of visual effects perfect for any stage. At vltglight we have moving head lights from the industry leading manufacturers and they all come with a two-year warranty as standard

What are discharge lamp moving headlights?

Head-moving spotlights are called moving heads. By contrast, scans are systems based on deflection mirrors. These multi-effect lights often contain a combination of functions. For example, positioning, selection of different gobos, colors, prismatic effects, frost filters, graphic effect discs, right up to aperture slides. These functions can all be operated by a motor.

How does moving headlight work?

When you talk about moving light, you usually imagine a headlight moving head, which fulfills its main task as a beam, spot or washlight. In addition, mirror deflection systems / scans are also in use. Your advantage: the lightning-fast movement due to the low mass of the mirror.

Moving effect spotlights (see next picture) actually belong to the moving lights, but are usually dismissed as effect light.

Major Areas of Moving Headlights Installation

Be it a rock concert, MPB presentation, a DJ presentation, or even a theater play the Discharge-lamp Moving Head Lights and spotlights are a fundamental part.

They add soul to any presentation, forming the perfect set to involve those who are performing with their audience.

It is not for nothing that the trilogy: LIGHT – CAMERA – ACTION is the cliché of theatrical and cinematographic productions.

But, do you know when stage lighting has been around?

It can be said that the first use of stage lighting was in ancient Greece.

The theaters were built with an east facing and a west facing position to usurp the maximum brightness from the sun, and since most of the shows were in the evening, they could make the most of this natural light source.

As we no longer depend on sunlight to produce and present great shows… we have prepared this article to share with you:

Basic Functions of Discharge Lamps Moving Headlights

Basic functions of stage lighting: what we need to know before starting a project!

Stage lighting

Every “idea” of stage lighting must meet demands. These coming from the artists, public, director, sponsor, etc.

In this case, each function below necessarily requires a high level of professionalism to be served in Discharge-lamp Moving Head Lights:

Visibility – the light has to make it possible for people to see who is on stage;

Revelations of forms – allowing the perception of forms on the stage, particularly of three-dimensional elements;

Focus – select the public’s attention for one thing or another;

Climate – a lower light can give a dark mood, or a brighter light can give a festive mood;

Projection – you can project images or shapes on the stage;

Visual effects – Very common in raves or concerts with DJs, the use of colored lights and lasers can cause a sensation of movement.

Lighting is an art form in its own right. And all technical and aesthetic knowledge is necessary to be able to use it in the best possible way.

The intensity of light

Commonly measured in lumens, is the intensity of the luminaire. It depends on several factors, among them:

  • Lamp strength;
  • Equipment design;
  • Optical obstructions such as color gelatins, filters or cutouts;
  • Distance from the illuminated area;
  • The colors and materials (objects) to be illuminated;
  • Contrasts from other lighting regions.

The color of the lighting

The inserted filters of Discharge-lamp Moving Head Lights can have different densities, mixing different colors, to achieve the desired result.

The strength of the lamp also influences. The tungsten filament of the lamp, when not at full strength, transmits an orange color, which is commonly called amber.

The LED technology to illuminate stage mixing red, green and blue, and amber in some cases, without the need to incorporate other features.

And this, in addition to being more economical, adds to the spectacle for sure.

The Direction of moving head lights illumination

  • The direction refers to the shape, quality and uniformity of the lamp.
  • The specificity of the lamp, reflectors and lenses makes a lot of difference in this case.
  • Reflectors and spotsalso have tabs that can be opened or closed by changing the direction of the light.
  • They can produce a “thin” light or a “heavy” light, depending on the direction.