NE290 is VLTG hot selling mini beam moving head light in indoor events. Compact size and light weight make it easy for shipment and installation. The light source is original Philips MSD Silver 250W. Read More +


CE Certification


ISO Standards


RoHS Certificate


Light source

Philips MSD Silver 250W


Color temperature





Zoom Angle

1.8° (fixed focus)

Beam290 moving head light-Mini

Product Description

Appearance and light effect

TV-NE290 is widely used in music centers, wedding banquets, and clubs. Because of the compact size, its XY running speed is very fast, only 1.4s per round. Quick scanning speed brings the dynamic beam effect.

Excellent optical system

TV-NE290 is a sharp beam of light. The beam angle is only 1.8 degrees. With the pure color chip, the wonderful and punchy beam effect will be shown. And there are 2 prism plates inside. One is the 8-facet prism, and one is 24 honeycomb prism. When two prim plates are stacked, you can get the beautiful and wide-range prism effect.

Characteristics of the product

● Mini Beam290

● Light source: Philips MSD Silver 250W

● 1 color wheel: 12 color chips+ white light, with two-way rotation

● linear dimming 0~100%

● 1 fixed gobo plate,14 types of patterns + white circles

● Prism 1: 8-facet prism, Prism 2: 24 honeycomb prism

● Fast XY running speed: 1.4s/round

● DMX channel: 16/13channels


Model TV-NE290
Voltage AC90V-240V, 50/60Hz
Light source Light source: Philips MSD Silver 250W

Color temperature:7800K

Life span: 1500H

Working environment IP20; -10℃~45℃
X/Y X: 540°(16 bit precision scan)

Y: 270°(16 bit precision scan)

Automatic error correction reset function

Color 1 color plate: 12 colors + white circle
Prism 2 prism plates

Prism 1: 8-facet prism

Prism 2: 24 honeycomb prism

Display Chinese and English languages can be switched

The display can be reversed 180°

Effect Atomization: 0%-100% atomization.

Linear dimming: double-chip mechanical dimming, linear dimming 0~100%.

Fast response: X-axis scanning speed is 1.4s, and Y-axis scanning speed is 1.0s.

Gobo 1 fixed gobo plate,14 types of patterns + white circle.
Size & weight Product size: 492.5*313.1*255mm

Net weight: 14kgs

Control Model

High-temperature automatic protection

Standard DMX512 protocol

DMX channel: 16/13CH

RDM function



Suitable for large-scale concerts, stage performances, theatres, television studios, lighting projects, exhibitions.