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LED 850W White Light Module


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Framing Shutter TV-LED1000 Moving Head Light

Product Description

Appearance and light effect

TV-LED1000/TV-LED1000H adopts LED 850W White Light Module, has a stylish appearance and efficient optical system. The color temperature can reach 7500K,the illumination is up to 300,00 lux under the beam mode.

Excellent optical system

Full of sharpness and the excellent beam output creates a strong visual impact for the stage performance. Excellent optical system design, CMY color mixing system, and CTO color temperature correction system can precisely control of light’s color, it is pure and gorgeous!

Characteristics of the product

1. LED1000 with CMY+CTO+Framing Shutter.

2. Light Source LED 850W White Light Module.

3. 1 fixed gobo wheel: 8 pattern filter + white.

4. 1 rotating gobo wheel: 6 gobos + white.

5. 1 Cutting wheel: 4 cutting blades make up a controllable spot cutting system.

6. Display: Rechargeable battery.

7. Control mode: DMX512, Art-net, RDM, SACN.

8. SACN remote upgrade.



Model TV-LED1000/TV-LED1000H
Voltage Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Power: 1195W (90V)

Light source Light source:  LED 850W White Light Module

Color temperature: 7500K

Lifetime: ≥20000hours

CRI: 850≥70/850H≥90

Luminous lux: 30000lm

Working environment IP20/-10℃ ~ 45℃
X/Y X: 540°(16 bit precision scan)Y: 270°(16 bit precision scan)

Automatic error correction reset function

Color CMY+CTO system1 Color wheel: 6color+white, Half-color effect, color can be positioned arbitrarily, rainbow effect with two-way rotation
System Shell material: cast aluminum chassis

Heat dissipation: efficient and noiseless aluminum heat dissipation system

Prism 2 prism wheel:6th-order strip prism +4 prism, positive and negative rotation, has a prism positioning function, 16 macro functions
Display Display: Rechargeable battery, Chinese and English languages can be switched, the display can be reversed 180°

Reset detection: Without DMX signal, manual detection and automatic detection can be selected to facilitate inspection and maintenance.

Effect Zoom angle: 5.5°- 52°2 Atomization: light atomization, heavy atomization

Iris: 0%-100% linear adjustment

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

Strobe: up to 25Hz, you can choose random strobe or pulse strobe

Gobo 1 fixed gobo wheel: 8 pattern filter + white

1 rotating gobo wheel: 6 gobos + white, pattern jitter and pattern arbitrary positioning function

1 Cutting wheel: 4 cutting blades make up a controllable spot cutting system, the cutting system can be rotated 90°

Size & weight Product size: 791*423*270mm

Net weight: 38KG


Control mode: DMX512, Art-net, RDM, SACN

Control channel: 37/53

Input signal isolation protection function

Wireless DMX512 control (optional)

Can be upgraded via DMX data line, or SACN remote upgrade

Can change the DMX address code, machine reset and other functions from the console

Video of TV-LED1000/TV-LED1000H


Suitable for large-scale concerts, stage performances, theatres, television studios, lighting projects, exhibitions.