We’re thrilled to share the positive experiences of our customers regarding the TV-NL1815 PAR Light! This exceptional 18*10W RGBW 4in1 light is shining from customers, particularly for its ability to create a unique landscape atmosphere in serene parks.

✨ Key Features:

Vibrant Colors: As one type of wash light, it has a good wash effect. The 18*10W RGBW 4in1 configuration delivers stunning and vibrant colors, transforming any outdoor space into a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

Compact and Portable: The product size of the par light is 640*120*340mm, and its net weight is 13.3 kg. The small and compact structure ensures easy transport, making it a convenient choice for various outdoor lighting needs.

Silent Operation: Customers appreciate the good mute effect, ensuring that the TV-NL1815 PAR Light doesn’t disrupt the tranquil ambiance it contributes to.

High Stability (IP66): With a high stability rating of IP66, this Waterproof LED Par Light is a reliable choice for outdoor settings, withstanding different weather conditions.

✅ Customer’s Verdict: A Great Choice for Outdoor Lighting!

Customer Testimonials:

“The TV-NL1815 LED PAR Lights exceeded our expectations! The colors are vivid, and its compact design makes it incredibly versatile for outdoor events.”

“Impressed by its silent operation! Perfect for creating a serene atmosphere in our park without any disturbance.”

“The high stability in various weather conditions. We now rely on the TV-NL1815 PAR Light for our outdoor lighting needs.”


The TV-NL1815 PAR Light stands out as a fantastic choice for outdoor lighting. Its powerful features, including vibrant colors, portability, silent operation, and high stability, make it a must-have for transforming quiet parks into enchanting spaces. Elevate your outdoor lighting experience with the TV-NL1815 PAR Light! ✨

As one type of wash light, it not only can be used Indoor: at concerts, weddings, venues, bars, etc, but also can be used in outdoor landscapes. Contact us to learn more!