Outdoor Wedding Lighting

Where is the professional stage lighting construction unit?

Outdoor Wedding Lighting

A beautiful stage next to the decoration is impossible without the presence of outdoor wedding lighting. The light from the stage lights properly mounted on the stage helps create color patches, gradient effects help highlight your whole stage space.

Choosing the right stage lights is extremely necessary to determine the effectiveness of a performance program, event, etc. Therefore, with the information that we bring above will be essential for you in choosing stage lights.

How to choose stage lights to match each space?

Stage lights are very diverse in different types, so depending on each stage, you should choose the most suitable type of light, typically as follows:

1. Outdoor wedding lighting for the mini stage


Outdoor wedding lighting is usually the stage for singing together, going to wedding shows or parties at home, etc., so it will be suitable for simple stage lights with relatively moderate brightness and small design. Compact as stage led lights, mini 2-head stage lights, laser scanning beam lights....

  1. The stage at the karaoke room

Normally, for karaoke rooms, we only need to use stage lights with small capacity such as 7-color rotating karaoke lights with a capacity of 5V because its space is not too large, besides you should Choose more color spheres to give the stage the most attractive color.

  1. Outdoor stage

Outdoor wedding lighting is usually with a larger scale such as: music stage, performance stage, etc., so the stage lights used need to have a very large capacity, to ensure brings professionalism to the program. Therefore, suitable stage lights such as 1000w stage lights, 230 beam stage lights, 1.5W beam scanning Laser lights...

Popular Outdoor Wedding Lighting in the Market Today

Currently on the market, there are many units of stage lighting construction, in order to meet the needs of everyone. Whether you want to buy or install stage lights at any other place, you should do your research thoroughly before making a decision.

The stage lighting system is the combination of many lighting devices together. From there, creating color transition effects highlighting the event stage space.


Vlthlight outdoor wedding lighting is the leading prestigious address for selling stage lights today. To own quality products and transform the space into sparkling, please refer to the following article for more information!

Some things to keep in mind when designing the system spotlights address spotlights sale

1/ The role of light factor in the event

A successful event, a beautiful stage, besides the decoration, it is indispensable for the lighting system and the sound system.

Light is a tool to help create atmosphere, effects, and nuances of emotions for viewers.

The stage lighting system needs to be designed and installed scientifically, properly to create a strong effect and push the climax for the event. The light helps to change the dark and bright colors continuously, very artistically, creating a feeling for viewers to follow better.

Whether night or day, the light system will flexibly switch to help the event become shimmering and more beautiful.

2/ Notes to get a complete stage lighting system

In order for the event to take place on schedule and professionally, it requires technical staff with professional experience. From there, combining the equipment of the lighting system is logical and scientific.

Step 1: Consider the budget and location of the outdoor wedding lighting event. Consider the location of the stage, how should the lighting equipment be arranged, how much it costs, etc. Then research and come up with specific ideas address for selling stage lights

Step 2: After all the ideas are fully outlined, you decide which lamps to choose for lighting. What is the main color of the program? Some commonly used lamps such as laser lights, moving head lights, led headlights, etc.

Step 3: Install lighting equipment combined with stage layout and sound equipment. This is an extremely important step that greatly affects the success of the entire program.

Outdoor wedding lighting need to be installed symmetrically

That is, based on the dividing line, you need to place an additional lamp identical to the opposite side. Scanning lights or moving heads need to be placed on the right side for the best lighting effect.

Currently, in any music program, game show, exhibition, etc. or many artistic and sports activities, outdoor wedding lighting is indispensable in every program or event, especially the line of lights stage laser.

Outdoor Wedding Lighting 2022

So, why is the design of cheap stage laser lights so important? Let's read through the following article to know more about this type of lamp.

Cheap outdoor wedding lighting design

The benefits of designing cheap stage laser lights

Laser stage lights are one of the most popular lights today with many uses and projection features. However, in general, all types of laser stage lights are easy to classify into the following 2 categories: beam-scanning laser lights and projection laser lights.

  1. For high brightness

The stage space is large, so the outdoor wedding lighting has nice design with a capacity suitable for the vast majority of different large and small stages. Manufactured using modern technology and thoroughly tested, so the durability of the lamp is high. Lights bring high-definition rays, animations, patterns, and bright colors. With smooth motion that is not stiff like other spotlights.

  1. Light has a wide coverage

Has a design with extremely high finishing. The points connecting the metal frame parts are sure to bring minimalism in the design.

The place where the connection and control ports are concentrated helps you to have the widest coverage of lasers in the easiest way. With these knobs, you will easily control according to the built-in scenarios on the stage.

3. Rotation and ray-matching features create shimmer effects

The modern mirror scanning system has high flexibility, so the smooth rotation will allow the laser light to move uniquely and strongly.

When operating outdoor wedding lighting, it will combine with built-in features such as rotation and ray pairing. Each ray comes to produce many color rays with each scanning ray.

Professional Landscape Lighting

 LED 19*15W Bee Eyes Moving Head Light


Performance stage in addition to the sound system also includes lighting equipment systems for professional stage performances. Vltglight shares this article to help you understand more about the professional landscape lighting.

Professional Landscape Lighting

Professional performance stage lighting equipment system includes

Lighting devices are much more diverse and diverse than audio devices. The purpose of use for each type of stage is also different, but we can divide it into 4 groups depending on the purpose of use, and the effect they bring to the stage.

  1. Lighting for performance stage

Professional landscape lighting is good to project onto the stage to help separate the stage from the surrounding space. The common feature of these lamps is the use of incandescent bulbs that provide warm yellow light.
- Ultraviolet (UV) light (black light): Used as the background color of the stage when the lights are off. Ultraviolet light can stay on continuously, not off during performance.

The light of this type will mix with other colors to brighten up the color, highlighting many colors with reflective properties, especially white. There are two types of UV lamps, blue and black, the blue type is brighter than the black one.

LX-L011 Professional landscape lighting

: PAR stands for Parabolic Aluminum Reflector (parabolic aluminum reflector). Basic PAR lights are indispensable at stages.

PAR creates smooth background light, without contrast, dimmer can be used to create blurred light and dark spaces. Because the structure is very simple, compact, easy to move, so PAR is the most common type of lamp today.

  1. Colored lights for the performance stage

Professional landscape lighting has the effect of creating a color array for the stage at will.
- Scanner lamp (scanning light): A lamp with extremely strong light, with many functions to correct the light flow of the bulb such as:

Gobo (blocking light into shapes, flowers...), Color (color), Iris (reduce or enlarge by blocking), multiply images by prism, zoom, rotate horizontally and vertically. Scanner lights produce beautiful, accurate light but are cumbersome, so they are only used for fixed events, often hanging high.

Professional Landscape Lighting 2022

3. Special effects lights for the stage performance

The feature of Professional landscape lighting is that it can be moved and rotated, the lights shine into colorful light rays that bring vividness to the stage.
- Follow light: A type of spotlight that focuses on a circular white light, often used to shine on certain points on the stage, for example, when VIPs go up, shine on the company logo on the stage, ...

- Moving head lamp (lamp with moving head) 

Moving head lamp works similar to scanner lamp, but the scanner scans horizontally and vertically by reflecting light through a reflective glass (mirror).

The movement of light is very fast, and accurate. On the contrary, the moving head light is heavy, so the movement is much slower. In return, the horizontal and vertical scanning angle of the scanner lamp is more limited than the moving head.

Professional landscape lighting are often used for mobile events, often placed on the floor and projected upside down. In addition, moving head lights are often designed in bars and discos because when moving, it creates more eye-catching scenes because of the wide angle.

- Strobe light: The light produces light like a flash for taking pictures, but much more powerful. On stage, strobe lights are often used in climactic scenes, flashing rapidly, combined with smoke and laser lights.

- Laser lights: Laser lights are lights that use thin, powerful, colorful light rays to create stage effects

4. Special lights for the performance stage

This light is used to illuminate a fixed position on the stage.

Sun light: There are 2 types of single and double solar lights; double type has 2 rays of light like sunlight rotating in opposite directions.

On stage, the sun lamp is usually placed in the center, shining on the background, behind the drum set. This light only plays at the opening of the event or the beginning of the music, no light. Note: do not abuse many solar lights to avoid boredom.

Center-piece: As the name suggests, the Professional landscape lighting is always placed in the center of the stage. On stage, the central light should be used to shine on the background to create a dynamic pattern.

Other stage lighting auxiliary equipment

Although they are not lights, these devices also contribute to making the stage more professional, such as:
Reflective glass beads: use this device to be placed near the background, use small rays of light to illuminate the stage make stars in the sky.
Cloud light: Like a movie light in the shape of clouds, the cloud light moves very slowly.
Smoke generator: make the light effect even more outstanding

Bubble sprayer: Like playing soap bubbles for children, when using this sprayer, bubbles will come out more and more continuously.

Snow maker: Consists of tiny soap bubbles that stick together, looking like falling snow from afar. Note that when the stage floor is made of wood or glazed stone, be careful when using it, it can make people standing on the stage easily fall because it is very slippery.

Glitter machine: Note that when using Professional landscape lighting, do not spray on electrical equipment because the paper is coated with aluminum, which can conduct electricity and cause a short circuit.

LED Professional landscape lighting


This is a line of lights that integrates today's advanced technologies that are led technology with the advantages of led lights such as super power saving, high brightness, compact and eye-catching design, typical of  Professional landscape lighting.

This is LED 19*15W Bee Eyes Moving Head Light. The normal par led line is used for lighting the background of the stage or a certain architectural work.


– Voltage: AC 90V-250V 50/60Hz

– Control: DMX 512, master-slave, independent touch

– Projection angle: 10-45 degrees

- Structure of die-cast aluminum shell, beautiful and widely used.

– LED life >100 thousand hours

– Light source: 54 bulbs 3 in 1 rgb

Follow lights

This is a type of light used to shine on VIP guests when stepping on stage, when using this light, all other stage lights must be turned off. Follow lights are classified by lighting power such as follow 1200w or 1500w.

Currently, the follow lights have had a lot of improvements to the lights, which are more compact than before, using energy-saving light sources, that is, using led or beam bulbs. The price of new types of follow lights is also cheaper, but the lighting feature has not been changed.

Wedding Lighting San Francisco bay area

Even the most beautiful decor can be ruined by the wrong lighting. The opposite is also true. Well-crafted wedding lighting san Francisco bay area brings life, exuberance and charm to any simpler venue.

Wedding Lighting San Francisco bay area

Wedding lighting San Francisco bay area

The lights are responsible for creating the perfect environment, acting as a kind of link between all the elements of the event. If your wedding is at night, in the late afternoon, or during a morning that could be cloudy, lighting should be thought of with care.

The reception venue usually already offers some standard lighting items, but if you're not too happy with these options or want to add a different effect to your wedding, here are some lovely suggestions:

Modern and colorful lights

A proposal that is in evidence in modern weddings is the use of wedding lighting san francisco bay area, especially in minimalist spaces or decorated with more neutral colors. The lighting scheme can emphasize the predominant color in your palette.

If you like to bet on more different ideas, placing a lighting point under the tables (dinner or guests) can be a nice alternative.

In addition, you can invest in modern and colorful lights in specific stations mounted at the reception. The cocktail venue and the dance floor, for example, can be lit up with vibrant, warm colors such as orange, red and purple

vintage weather wedding lighting san francisco bay area

For a glamorous vintage effect, a suspended glass chandelier is unbeatable. Just check that the leased location for the wind allows temporary placement of these luminaires. Moreover, if the place is too big, you can opt for just one room with this elegant, retro lighting.

Curtain of wedding lighting san francisco bay area, lamps made with lacy containers, string of illuminated balls, panels, etc. are some ideas that can be done to add another touch of vintage lighting to your party. And you can make some elements yourself, in the best DIY style!

Candles and Romanticism

Nothing is more romantic than the soft glow of a candle flame, is it?! No wonder that dinner by candlelight is the darling of lovers! Many brides choose this type of lighting for their wedding. In addition to being romantic, it is simple, cheap and very simple.

Candles can be used as centerpieces or as stand-alone dots of light. Furthermore, they can also be placed in floral arrangements or in jars with water to float. By using scented candles, you can even add a pleasant fragrance to your reception place. What about?

Open air wedding lighting San Francisco bay area

Lighting is essential for an outdoor wedding that will linger into the night. Lights in an open space can create an enchanting ambience, as well as delimit the place if it is too large. See how the "feast lights" make any party much more charming.

Fairy lights (those little string lights) can be used to highlight all the particular features of the place. With citronella candles, you will have the advantage of keeping unwanted insects well away. Place them in jars so the wind doesn't extinguish the flames.

To create a more dramatic mood, line the entrance to the reception with wedding lighting san francisco bay area.

Knowing a little more about the possibilities, you can share your ideas with your decorator or your decorator and increase the lighting of your wedding according to your style.

15 wedding lighting ideas to brighten up your event space

You and your newlywed spouse won't be the only things that shine on the big day. Moreover, try these wedding lighting ideas to add ambience to your ceremony or reception location.

If your wedding venue needs a decorative boost, keep scrolling - these wedding light decorating ideas give the term "mood" a whole new meaning.

Rice paper wedding lighting san francisco bay area

This whimsical wedding lighting idea is perfect for a casual setting like a barn, backyard wedding, or a beach wedding. Use a selection of different sizes of paper lanterns to create a multi-dimensional focus piece above your dance floor.

Wedding Lighting San Francisco bay area

Individual neon sign

The neon trend doesn't seem to be losing traction anytime soon. Moreover, this eye-catching wedding lighting san francisco option is great if you really want to personalize your function space. Moreover, you can use the neon sign to showcase your last name or feature a sassy phrase behind your head table for an instant photo backdrop.

Rattan lanterns

Looking for a boho wedding theme? Rattan lanterns blend seamlessly with the rest of your wedding decorations. Add greens and floating votive candles to complete the laid-back vibe.

Chandelier with wooden beads

If traditional crystal chandeliers aren't quite the look you're looking for, try modern bead styles instead. Similarly, a collection of white and ivory chandeliers gives this wedding lounge an airy, eclectic element.

XXL illuminated letters

Let everyone know of your love loud and clear with huge marquee love lettering. Your guests won't be able to resist taking a photo or two in front of this statement backdrop.

Candle aisle markers

Decorate your ceremonial aisle with wedding lighting san francisco bay area to create a romantic, cozy atmosphere. Moreover, this is one of our favorite (and easiest) wedding lighting ideas that you can recreate in almost any type of venue, from garden weddings to formal ballrooms.

Bistro wedding lighting San Francisco bay area

Regardless of whether you get married outdoors or indoors, bistro fairy lights or Christmas lights immediately bring charm and character. Moreover, hang them in rows above your lounge area, dance floor or wedding party tables to create a magical canopy of fairy lights.

clear wedding tent with fairy lights and round banquet tables

Tent fairy lights

For the ultimate wow factor, accent a transparent wedding tent with dozen of draped LED fairy lights - it will feel like you are partying under a sky full of stars. Moreover, this wedding lighting idea also looks gorgeous with a standard marquee or canvas tent.

Edison wedding lighting San Francisco bay area

Generally, Edison light bulbs are an elegant, nifty pendant light if you love modern style. Hang them vertically from the ceiling on long cables for an industrial-inspired backdrop on your wedding day.

Antler chandelier

Romantic with a rustic touch! Wedding lighting san francisco bay area looks right at home in a barn or country wedding venue.

Pillar candles ceremony altar

Make your wedding ceremony extra intimate by surrounding the altar with pillar candles and lush green accents. Furthermore, the candles give the room a warm white light that feels inviting and homely.

Dance floor backdrop

Wedding Lighting San Francisco bay area

An illuminated wall of wedding lighting sonoma California offers the dreamy ambience to dance the night away with your guests.

Illuminated letter sign

This wedding lighting idea is like Lite-Brite for your wedding, but better. Show off your last name with a glowing sign with dotted letters.

Chandelier room

Why stop at just one chandelier when you can have dozen? Crystal chandeliers add a luxurious, dramatic touch to your wedding decorations. If your venue doesn't already have chandeliers, consider renting them from a local event stylist or decoration company.

Vintage wedding lighting sonoma California

An antique style wedding lighting sonoma California with a light brown patina looks great if you go for a shabby chic or a French country aesthetic.

Hurricane lanterns

Use candlelit lanterns to light the main walkways of your venue so your guests can easily move around the space after dark. If your venue doesn't allow the use of candles, you can achieve the same look with battery powered options (no one will know from afar, trust us!).

Chandelier with gold pearls

Look for a gold chandelier like this one that will add ethereal Greek goddesses to your ceremony or reception room.

Pendant lights

If your venue has high ceilings, accentuate them with an eye-catching pendant light installation. Add ghost chairs and metallic gold accents and you have the modern wedding room of our dreams.

Chandelier with Spanish moss

Spanish moss adds a Mediterranean flair to a brass chandelier, but you could recreate a similar look using other greens like eucalyptus or olive leaves.


Illuminated marquee heart

How cute is this heart-shaped marquee wedding lighting sonoma California sign? It's a perfect accent if you're looking for something simple but cute. Place a marquee heart anywhere that a decorative boost is needed - above your sweetheart table, dessert bar, or the entrance to the venue.

Surely you already have great ideas for your wedding. Whether you want to keep it small or really show off on your special day: Atmospheric lighting is a must.

Create Best Effects with wedding lighting sonoma California

Especially if your location is (partially) outdoors, you have the space you need to decorate with beautiful lights. Here are some practical tips on adding sparkling lighting to your wedding.

Surely you already have great ideas for your wedding. Whether you want to keep it small or really show off on your special day: Atmospheric lighting is a must.

Especially if your location is (partially) outdoors, you have the space you need to decorate with beautiful lights. Here are some practical tips on adding sparkling lighting to your wedding.

Tip : A chain of lights is also an original wedding gift.

1. Choose your string of lights

In order to choose the right wedding lighting sonoma California, it is first important to know how long the string of lights should be. You will find fairy lights from 5 to 100 meters in length. It is usually better to choose a lighting cable that is slightly longer than the actual length you want to bridge.

For example, you want to illuminate a 20-meter fence. We then recommend opting for a 25 meter long chain of lights so that your cable can hang loosely. A cable pulled taut looks a lot less atmospheric.

Once you've determined the length of the cord, it's time to start thinking about how many sockets (and therefore lamps) you want to have per meter. You can choose between 1, 2 or 3 frames per meter. Most customers choose 2 fittings per meter.

If you want extra light, e.g. B. because you hang the lamp in a high tree and the lamps would not stick out enough otherwise, you can choose 3 sockets per meter.

How to choose lighting equipment?

In addition, you can choose between 2 types of cables: the standard and the expandable version. The switchable mast cable can be connected to other switchable mast cables thanks to a unique connector system.

You can e.g. B. Create a 50-meter-long ribbon cable with two 25-meter-long connecting cables. This is useful if your setting makes it difficult to hang very long strands of wire in one go. Or if you want to add another to your future Illu fairy lights. The standard wedding lighting sonoma California chain cannot be connected.

Finally, you can choose between two colors of the cables: white and black.
Wedding Lighting San Francisco bay area 2021

2. Select suitable lamps

Now that you've chosen the correct length of wire, it's time to choose your string of lights lightbulbs. First of all, it is important to determine whether you want colored bulbs or warm white lamps. For a wedding, we usually see customers choose warm white lights.

Then you can decide whether you want wedding lighting sonoma California. The advantage of dimmable lamps is that you can adjust the light intensity with a dimmer can adjust. This allows you to determine exactly how bright the lamps are.

You can dim our dimmable lamps up to 10%. Assuming you choose lamps with 3 watts, then you can dim the lamps to 0.3 watts. Are dimmable lamps not for you? Take a look at our non-dimmable lamps.

You can choose between lamps of different wattages Select

The higher the wattage, the brighter the light from the incandescent lamp will be. If you want subtle, decorative lighting, it is best to choose lamps with a low wattage, for example 0.7 or 1 watt.

If you want to produce more light, or if you want to illuminate a large room or a long table, you can choose lamps with a higher wattage: for example, 2 or 3 watts. Not sure which wattage is right for you? Then it is always advisable to choose wedding lighting sonoma California. That way you know that you can adjust the light intensity at any time.

You can also use different colors of light

You can opt for lamps in 2000 / 2200K or 2650 / 2700K. Lamps in 2000 / 2000K provide extra warm light with an orange undertone. Lamps in 2650 / 2700K deliver warm white light with a yellow undertone.


Extra warm white lamps generally create a warmer atmosphere than warm white lamps. Consult our watt and light color selection guide if you are unsure about the wattage or light color.

Wedding Lighting Napa California

Are you dreaming of an outdoor wedding lighting napa California and want to enjoy your special day in nature? Great idea! In your own garden, on the beach, in a botanical garden or in the forest - with the right wedding lighting. It is an exceptionally romantic atmosphere can be created at an outdoor wedding.

Wedding Lighting Napa California

Discover our inspirations here to realize your wedding in the open air.

Rain or shine ...

The weather is the least reliable guest at your outdoor wedding, but don't let it spoil your day. Be prepared for anything with pavilions and pergolas. They protect the buffet and your visitors from rain and sunshine.

Walk to the altar

Stride in style to your magical altar. Nature alone offers a wonderful backdrop. Give it the finishing touches by decorating the aisle to the altar with fairy lights and lanterns. The walk to the altar is design very easily.

Several rows of chairs set up left and right, a corridor left in the middle and a wedding arch set up at the end of the corridor.

Surround the whole thing with wedding lighting napa California and other decorations. We recommend placing the wedding arch between two trees or directly in front of a tree. It is so that the altar becomes the focal point. Trees festively decorate with paper lanterns or paper lanterns and set sparkling accents in the distance.

When it gets dark, party fairy lights provide that hang in a zigzag from tree to tree, for sufficient lighting and a beautiful sky of lights. In addition, LED lanterns that place along the way serve as an orientation aid for your guests. Wooden signposts and signs integrate perfectly into the natural surroundings.

Fabulous table decorations with wedding lighting napa California

Proper table decorations play an important role in outdoor wedding ceremonies. A long table, several tables in a row or in a circle and centerpieces decorated with flowers are a must.

The right table decoration can be created with the help of potted plants, wooden flower boxes with Rosemary and thyme or glass bells with micro fairy lights.

Wedding lighting napa California is also a good choice for outdoor table decorations, as they do not go out in the wind. Place the tea lights in glasses on the table or hang the tea light glasses on bushes or chairs with some wire. In combination with fabrics and flowers there is no risk of fire. With these table decoration ideas, you will astonish your guests.

If two people dare, the decoration has to be right. If you are still thinking about how you can give your wedding a unique personality and a lot of style, we have the ultimate solution for you: A Wedding Neon Sign!

How to redefine wedding lighting?

No matter whether you want to illuminate the ceremony or are looking for the perfect backdrop for a photo wall, thanks to this unusual decoration with a vintage flair, you guarantee to get numerous compliments from your wedding guests.

How you can add glamor and glow to your wedding with wedding lighting napa California. It can serve as inspiration as you prepare for the most beautiful day of your life. In our online shop you will find a wide collection of neon signs that will undoubtedly astonish every guest at your wedding.

1. Says Cheese! Neon for the photo wall at your wedding

Whether a selfie point or a professional photo corner, a decorated wall for your guests' snapshots is a must at any wedding. Not only are friends and family busy while the couple has professional photos taken, but you also get great souvenir photos that will last forever.

A neon sign in combination with flowers or simply green leaves makes the wall appear even more interesting and stylish. Here we have some ideas for a neon lettering on a photo wall:

2. Beautify the altar at your wedding with wedding lighting napa California

We wanted a modern wedding that underlines the urban character of their shared history. For years they have been traveling from city to city, making the clubs of Europe unsafe together.

Contrary to the expectations of conventional wedding guests, they wanted to design the altar at their wedding ceremony in such a way that it represented their personal style. They came across wedding lighting napa California.

Of course, this modern touch on the altar is not to everyone's taste. But if you like the colorful lighting, which is reminiscent of trendy districts and nightlife, you can also incorporate it into the ceremony.

Wedding Lighting Napa California 2021

A wedding moving light on the altar of your wedding guarantee to be an eye-catcher. How about, for example:

3. Neon to greet the guests and as a signpost

When the ceremony is over and you want to welcome your guests to an unforgettable party, a neon sign guarantees to serve as a great welcome. Whether at the entrance to the venue or as an invitation to celebrate, the glowing lettering quickly creates a mood.

The whole thing can also be combined with a statement about the reason for the festivity, which this wedding lighting napa California proves:

4. Wedding lighting napa California for the bar

What is a wedding reception without drinks? A little boring, isn't it? Neon lettering for the bar of your wedding guarantee not to be boring. At a champagne reception, on the edge of the dance floor or for the cocktail bar, a neon sign casts a spell over every thirsty guest.

The following neon LED lamps are suitable for this:

  • Cheers my dears
  • Drunk in love
  • But first, bubbles

5. Neon on your wedding dance floor

Tina and Clemens love to dance and wanted a wedding where absolutely every guest could dance. It was particularly important for both of them that all of their attention should be paid to the floor, where a call to celebration must emerge.

That's why they decided on the wedding lighting 'Let's Party'. Other possible neon signs that will light up the dance floor at your wedding are these:

  • No excuses
  • Let's dance
  • Life is a party
Professional lighting 2021

Check out tips on wedding Professional lighting 2021 and get inspired by the many ways to use lights on your big day. We've selected great tips for you.

Professional lighting 2021

Wedding lighting is always an issue that haunts the wedding organization. That's because, among so many options, we don't know which one will match better with our personal style and with the decoration of the Big Day. With that in mind, we've separated 8 lighting tips to make your Wedding Ceremony wonderful.

1) Directed Professional lighting 2021 points

A classic wedding Professional lighting 2021 is the mixture of light glasses. If you want transparency, originality and daring in flowers, this decoration is a great tip. Glasses, lights and candles always look very original and classic.

2) Decorative light positioned towards the middle of the entrance hall

One of the newest light decorations on the wedding market is the light aisle. Instead of using a rug, use lighting to further contemplate this space. If you use flowers, mix between small and medium, thus maintaining simplicity and elegance.

3) Light directed upwards

In addition to innovating in the mirror rug, have you ever thought about directing light from the floor to the top of flowers and shrubs? It gets creative, clean and very elegant.

4) Lamps

Lamps are easy to use in various decorations when it comes to weddings. In case of outdoor Professional lighting 2021, you can place the lights extended to illuminate the room. If your wedding is indoors, you can use it in some spaces, such as behind the bride and groom's table or the sweets table.

5) Christmas Professional lighting 2021

Use and abuse the Christmas lights. You know those extensions with very small lights, which are delicate and white? Bet on this item to decorate tables, chairs, trees and other details that are “dull” and without lighting. This is a great tip for those who want to decorate the wedding without spending too much on Professional lighting 2021.

Candles inside glass vases

If you didn't know what to put on your guests' table, now you know. Get creative and create glass jars and bottles with fabrics, lace, sand, shells and other items. Finish the decoration of this item using a small candle that will illuminate the center of the table and the inside of the container. Mix the bottles between flowers and candles.

7) Light boxes

Small lit boxes are a simple and very elegant idea to decorate the aisle to the altar. You can use some light boxes, clear glass with flowers and arrangements.

8) Light Curtain

As well as the light aisle, another item that is making a big splash at weddings is the Light Curtains, which comes with several meters of Christmas lights. These small LED lamps are common to make the environment cozier with a low and simple lighting.

Wedding Lighting: Tips for Lighting Your Dream Wedding!

You may have already noticed that most of the real weddings we post have one detail in common in their decor: the differentiated wedding lighting. Some use chandeliers, others Fairy Lights curtains... and there are those that mix many different types of lighting to create a unique style.

This is because Professional lighting 2021 is an essential factor for any event. It's according to her that you can give a final touch to the style of the party.


Making the place even more rustic and cozy or even more luxurious and sophisticated!

In short: lighting determines the feel of the environment and fills important spaces in the party scene.

And if your dream is to know which lighting to bet, today is your lucky day! Check out how to choose the perfect lighting, the types most sought after by brides and run talk to your decorator to make the wedding decoration even more beautiful than you had imagined!

Keep reading to learn more about wedding lighting!

How to choose the perfect Professional lighting 2021?

When choosing Professional lighting 2021, it is important to have the style and location of the party already defined. Thus, you choose the most suitable option for the occasion and environment of your ceremony and reception of guests.

Another important detail to be evaluated is the time of the party, as daytime weddings do not always look good with different lights in the decoration.

Thinking to help you better visualize how to choose the lighting, we have separated the most sought after options by the brides. Check out!

Candles for Professional lighting 2021

They are sought after to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. You can bet on the candle for the wedding ceremony and reception of guests, it will all depend on the Professional lighting 2021.

On the other hand, more traditional weddings use it in a subtle way, such as marking the bride's path, or in just a few places around the room.

However, if you are getting married in church, it is important to ask a person in charge if it is possible to have them in the decoration. Some churches do not allow the use of candles, so it is important to always check!
Professional lighting 2021 china

Candles at the reception of guests

When it comes time to decorate the guests' reception, it's time for the bride to be “freer” to choose different decor options – but without running away from the style proposed right at the start. Therefore, the bride can use and abuse candles in various places in the salon.

The most used way is to use Professional lighting 2021, creating a romantic mood that guests love! For the most luxurious weddings, the bride can invest in large, luxurious chandeliers in shades of gold, silver, or crystal, whichever goes better with the rest of the wedding decor.

Candles in Wedding Decoration

Another space that cannot be without the beautiful candles is the cake table. Thanks to the candles, the photos come out beautiful! So you can perfect the quantity, it's worth it!

Tip: If you are going to get married during the day, it is not worth betting on candles, as you will lose their beautiful effect on the wedding decoration. But don't be sad, you can find many types of lighting that are perfect for your dream wedding!

Wedding Lighting US

An important technical point about the wedding venue, which makes a lot of difference in the type of Wedding Lighting US that will be done, are the fixing points on the ceiling or roof of the venue.

Wedding Lighting US

The more possibilities for attaching hanging items such as scenic and decorative lighting are better. The existence or not of these points can facilitate or derail something that the couple dream of having on their wedding day, such as overhead lighting on the cake table, a lounge, community table, bar and other places.

Best place to fix Wedding Lighting US

An alternative for places that do not have fixation points is the use of towers, but it is something that must be studied before being used. The towers must not interfere with the aesthetics of the wedding decoration and their location must not cause discomfort to the guests.

Wedding Lighting US can never stay on people's faces. A good scenic project needs to have the lights well distributed.

The Types of Lighting and Their Characteristics

There are three categories of wedding lighting:

Scenic lighting

Ambient lighting is undoubtedly the most important. It influences the mood of the party, helps photographers to take more natural photos, enhances the decor and enhances the space chosen for celebration, among other important points.

Dance floor lighting

Wedding Lighting US role is to make the dance floor more attractive to guests; it helps with animation and can interact with whoever is on the dance floor, according to the songs that are played.

Decorative illumination

Your main objective is to decorate. There are some exceptions, for example the case of the clothesline, which in some projects also has the function of lighting.

The Most Known Types of Decorative Wedding Lighting

Don't forget: before choosing the type of lighting for your wedding, it's important to have defined the style and location of the party. Another important detail is the time of the party to adjust the type of lighting.

Edison lamps: carbon filament lamps

In different formats and most often used in large quantities, they are beautiful and delicate Wedding Lighting US that add a lot to the project.


A type of lighting made up of wire, sockets and ball lamps. Something simple but needs to be done well to make a big visual impact. After years in the wedding market, it is still widely used and desired because of the romantic and cozy effect it provides in outdoor weddings.

Fairy Lights: lights blink

The familiar Christmas lights, despite the name, at weddings do not blink. They are threads of micro lamps that, to fill the eyes, need to be placed in a good amount.

Wedding Lighting US is often used to make curtains and ceilings filled with lights that delight guests and give stunning pictures.

Beach weddings


Even if the wedding takes place during the day, there are several ways to light up the space and the beach. At the end of the day, lighting the beach sand is important for the safety of your guests and brings its beauty into the night.

Country weddings

Value, in addition to the space where guests will be, the surrounding nature: lighting up trees and the natural beauty of the place will bring an even better experience for the couple and guests during the night.

Wedding Lighting US in Closed Spaces

The Wedding Lighting US in the wedding space will be responsible for highlighting the decoration. It is possible to create different niches and good lighting with focal and indirect lights will bring much more comfort and give a cozier atmosphere to the place.

Outdoor weddings

Don't forget to light up trees, gardens and plants in the place, after all these beautiful details deserve a special highlight at nightfall. The lack of fixation point can be a challenge. A good option is the string of lights with stakes, which illuminates and gives a unique charm to the space.

Daytime weddings with natural light

If there is the possibility of being dark when your guests leave, remember to have a functional light to help when you leave. Some decorative lights like string lights and filament lamps also have a cool effect during the day.

Weddings at night

Wedding Lighting US is essential, prioritize this item and have a great record of that moment.

Lighting for Every Niche

Altar: Illuminate all sides to avoid shadow in the photo.

Guests' table: Consider more than one lighting point, to prevent one side of the decoration from becoming dark. In cases of tall arrangements, up to 3 lighting points may be needed.

Cake table: Use a slightly more open format to light up the entire table, including the rug, which is also part of the decoration. Do not forget decorative lighting with pendants or domes that will make the project even more beautiful.
Wedding Tent Lighting

Dance Floor Wedding Lighting US

Prioritize more impactful lights. Low quality lights in quantity only leave visual clutter rather than motivating guests. This is the main function of Wedding Lighting US.

If your dream is to have a string of lights or other decorative light on the dance floor, take tips and listen to the positives and negatives of this format.  Similarly, don't let anyone else decide it for you. Last but not least, avoid using box truss structures.

If the event space allows the suspension of these items in the infrastructure of the venue, this is certainly a way that wills least harm your wedding decoration.

Lounges Wedding Lighting US

Don't focus only on arrangements, more open lighting helps to enhance all items in the composition of this environment. The environment consists of corner and center tables, rugs, sofas and objects. Remember to use decorative Wedding Lighting US that further enhances this niche.

How to Choose Wedding Lighting?

Avoid the use of LED lights RGB, RGBW and RGBWA for ambient lighting of your wedding. They are reflectors that have the principle of coloring and not highlighting.

For tree lighting and any kind of nature, don't use green

It paints the entire environment and leaves an artificial look; prefer warm white light, to enhance the beauty of nature like the brown trunk, green leaves and flowers with their original colors.

Diy Wedding Lighting

Diy wedding lighting decoration needs a prominent façade?

Diy Wedding Lighting

The front is the first place where customers come into contact with the bridal shop. The façade must have the brand nameplate and highlight the overall style. You can use the decoration of the diy wedding lighting shop with bright lights at night and sequin screens during the day or combine the two to make the salon more eye-catching and sparkling.

How to decorate a wedding light shop?

Here are different steps to decorate a wedding light shop. You must follow them for better performance.

1. Wedding light shop facade design with pastel tones

In addition, you should choose light colors to paint the facade and use glass to make it easier for customers to see the products and inside the store.

2. Arrange a spacious parking area

In Vietnam, most people ride motorbikes. Therefore, you should ensure that the area in front of the salon is optimally utilized for parking. Couples often come with relatives or friends to try on diy wedding lighting, so there is a need for a spacious parking area. This helps avoid causing inconvenience to customers as well as people around.

3. How to display a very attractive wedding light shop with mannequins

The way to decorate a wedding light shop cannot fail to mention that it is displaying products on mannequins. How to arrange and wear sample wedding lights also helps to create uniqueness for the store.

How to display a wedding light shop

Make it easy for customers to visualize by displaying the wedding light shop with mannequins. When choosing to buy a mannequin, you should choose a standard size that will help show the curves of the product. There are 3 types of mannequins commonly common to decorate diy wedding lighting shops:

Mannequin made of metal: has a mid-range price. Suitable for cup wedding lights, fishtail wedding lights, A-shaped wedding lights, etc. This mannequin is easy to adjust height and change clothes.

Mannequin made of plastic: relatively light weight, easy to install and move. This type usually has a beautiful and tall shape, suitable for many types of wedding lights.

Mannequins made of wood: not so common. However, if you want to create a cozy space, you should use this type.

4. How to decorate a wedding light shop beautifully and scientifically?

The layout of the store also affects a couple's purchasing decisions. For customers, the way to decorate a beautiful wedding light shop is not only aesthetically enough, but it must have a suitable and delicate arrangement. When arranging products, you need to ensure convenience when customers look and choose.

Diy wedding lighting is often quite long and cumbersome, so don't display them too close together as it will lose the attractiveness of the product. Arrange wedding gowns at just the right distance, just enough to show off their naturally beautiful shapes.

5. Decorate with the luxury diy wedding lighting by installing more mirrors

Similar to other clothing stores, wedding light studio design also needs a mirror for the bride and groom to look at them. However, to see the whole wedding light, you need to install very large mirrors.

You should put mirrors in the lighting room area, and from 3-4 to give the bride more viewing angles. Besides, to increase the elegance you can choose a mirror frame made of wood or imitation gold.

6. Take advantage of the lighting system as a highlight when decorating the wedding light

Diy Wedding Lighting 2021

Lighting is one of the simplest ways to decorate a diy wedding lighting shop, but it greatly affects the mood of the buyer. Newlyweds often go to a lot of places to choose the right wedding light, so it's easy for them to get frustrated and stressed.

Lighting at this time will have the effect of helping customers relax and more comfortable. From there, they also feel the wedding light is more beautiful and make the buying decision faster.

7. Small wedding light shop decoration

Soft white or yellow lights help decorate a small wedding light shop with a large space. For a small wedding light shop, white light should be installed, plus natural light outside will help make the space larger.

On the contrary, if you use purple lights, red will bring a more cozy and luxurious feeling. If your store has a wedding studio design, you need to make sure the light is as bright as possible.

On the market, there are several types of pliers for the most varied purposes. If you are looking for cutting tools, you need to know them. Check out the main ones and their functions below!

Where we can install diy wedding lighting?

Nose pliers: diy wedding lighting is very popular to mechanics and electricity. This type of pliers is common for cutting and twisting cables into wires and wires.

Wire cutting pliers: common for flat or lateral cuts in thicker wires or wires.

Pincer pliers: suitable for cutting floors and tiles, this plier also bends nails.

The popular lamp design when decorating a diy wedding lighting shop is a chandelier with a delicate, soft design in the center that is very luxurious. Besides, you can also choose LED wall lights because they have high brightness but are very economical. In the area where the bride tries on clothes, there should also be a few small table lamps.

8. Decorate with elegant and delicate diy wedding lighting colors

Through paint colors, customers can see the sophistication and professionalism of the store. Colors such as soft yellow, cream and white are very popular to decorate the wedding dress shop because it harmonizes with the product, does not cause eye pain. Or you can also create accents for the salon with contrasting tones or stickers with embossed textures.

Similar to curtains, it is advisable to choose pastel, pastel and uniform colors for all curtains in the shop. However, it should be noted not to pull the curtain on the window, so that customers can see the diy wedding lighting inside of the store before entering.

9. Design a spacious and comfortable fitting room

Just like any other clothing store, a bridal shop must also have a fitting room. The dressing room needs to be spacious and very discreet so that the bride can change freely. Instead of building a dressing room, you can try using curtains from 1-2 layers to increase the aesthetic and more elegant.

Moving Head light Suppliers

Lighting is one of the most important elements when developing a project, whether residential or commercial. A well thought-out light distribution highlights objects, shapes furniture and directs our attention. Now a day, moving head light suppliers are very important.

Moving Head light Suppliers

Planning good lighting can make the space more functional, in addition to reducing energy consumption. Before going shopping, it is important to keep in mind the answers to some questions, such as: how many light points are needed for each room? Which lamps and lighting fixtures are best suited for each scenario and how will the lighting in this place is common by residents?

Right light for right place: A complete Moving head light suppliers Guide

Another item to take into account is the natural lighting in each of these spaces. As each area requires a specific type of lighting as moving head light suppliers provide some lights, and even the color of lighting. We have prepared a basic guide that can influence your next lighting project:

Why yellow light is considered the best for Living room?

It is the environment to receive friends, gather the family and enjoy the moments and relax. It is the place to combine lights, such as soft, allowing the addition of a dimmer. Lighting points can be useful and help with daily tasks, but beware: if it is on top of armchairs or sofas, it can bother people who fall below this focus.

Why white light dining room?

Here the focus is on the dining table, so the use of chandeliers or pendants is important. If the table is too long, the installation of auxiliary light points on the sides is required.  You can contact with moving head light suppliers.

White light for kitchen

It is the scenario that needs to be always very clear, as the environment demands a lot of attention. In the kitchen, people deal with sharp objects, food and fried foods, so the ideal is uniform lighting.

White Moving head light is the best for bathroom?

Even being the smallest space in the home, the bathroom needs something personalized. Like the kitchen, this environment also calls for bright and bright lighting.

In addition to the general light on the ceiling, with intense focus, the ideal is a lamp for the mirror, so that the person's face is evenly illuminated and without shadows, moving head light suppliers provide lights which make it easier when applying makeup, shaving, etc.

Which light is better for bedroom and why?

The room asks for soft and cozy lighting. A general luminaire, or even LEDs embedded in plaster ceilings, make the environment pleasant. For those who like to read in bed, or get up in the middle of the night, a bedside lamp is a great option. For those looking for lighting effects, a dimmer can set the desired lighting adjustment.

Light color for hall Moving head light

This environment for people to circulate requires uniform lighting that reaches its entire length, whether with the distribution of lamps, ceiling lamps or LED lights built into the ceiling mostly provide by moving head light suppliers.

Indicated color for laundry

It is the space that requires good lighting in general from the ceiling, and that brings the feeling of cleanliness, that is, white light. If the place has a lot of space and is also common for ironing, a light spot allows you to see more clearly.
Moving Head light Suppliers 2021

 Importance of light to the entrance

It is the first contact when visiting your home and should be very well lit, especially when we talk about security! The ideal is to highlight the entrance moving head light suppliers, especially opting for lamps that light up by motion sensor.

Where light must be kept or attached?

The office is the space to balance points of light. A general light makes the room comfortable and well lit. Spots of light can highlight important and decorative elements, such as the bookcase, picture frames and paintings.

Why LED lighting is common?

You've probably heard about LED lighting and its advantages. There is a strong movement for the adoption of this type of product, mainly because it is supposedly cheaper in terms of electricity consumption. We will check this hypothesis in this text. But first, let's see what it means for a light bulb to be LED from moving head light suppliers.


Advantages of LED lighting

Low cost

Moving head light suppliers give greater advantage to the customer. This advantage is the most commented and known. The savings can be up to 80% and this represents a big shift in the consumer's bill. This happens because the Diode has a good luminous capacity, providing more light and consuming less energy. Much of the electrical current is reversed in lighting rather than heat.


As, consequently, it is also directly related to the financial investment, this advantage is valued by users. Because they have a large capacity, LED lamps last up to 25 times longer than incandescent and up to 3 times longer than fluorescent ones. Economy and long life are unbeatable advantages for the final consumer.

Safety and visual comfort with Moving head light suppliers

Moving head light suppliers provide the best lights for safety. Although not among the consumer's priorities, these features are important differentiators of LED lighting. Compared to fluorescents, LED lamps do not emit ultraviolet radiation and do not cause eye strain.

This is because they do not contain mercury or any other toxic substances. Safety is due to the need for low voltages for operation, allowing the exchange with less risk of shock.

Moving head light suppliers Provide Sustainability

It is essential that we think about sustainability when planning a purchase of electrical materials in a residential or business setting. LED lighting is perfect in this regard.  The LED lamp has no metallic filaments, mercury or toxic substances; it does not emit pollutants and is easy to recycle. Furthermore, its energy savings also contribute to sustainability.

Summary Moving head light suppliers

After the presentation, it was clear that Moving head light suppliers has unbeatable advantages for the user. The exchange helps to save electricity, brings advantages and comfort for residents and users of the environment and also contributes to the protection of the environment.

Take advantage of the LED lamp promotion on our website and guarantee yours.

Stage Lighting in 2021

Stage Lighting in 2021
When we go to concerts and events, many details make the difference when stage lighting in 2021 comes to ensuring the success and joy of your guests. As you might expect, humans are multisensory, so we like it much more than just sound. Even at events where sound is the focal point of the occasion, lighting will always be present.

For example, even in concerts where there is a presentation by a band or an artist, the stage must always have incredible lighting to convey more emotion to the guests. With that in mind, it's more than essential to hire Professional Stage Lighting for shows and events of all kinds!

The importance of professional stage lighting us 2021

Everyone wants to hold an event or produce a show that will be unforgettable, don't they? For those looking for that goal, we're always giving you amazing tips for stage lighting in 2021. Among our articles, one of the most common tips is the use of different visual devices to maximize the impact of your event.

A well-lit stage will always bring a difference to your guests. When the lights are dynamic and move and intensify with the music, it's easier to provoke emotions in those who are participating in the occasion. Through well positioned light cannons and other types of lighting, it is possible to create a true spectacle.

When stage lighting in 2021 professionals make difference?

The Professional Stage lighting stands out for bringing much more options and security than something assembled by a team in-house. To ensure that you not only make a good impression, but that you also have the assurance and security you need for a quality event!

Stage lighting in 2021 is the magic touch to any event. Correctly sized and adequate light for each environment is the key to a pleasant and memorable experience. We at Focus Audiovisual, always concerned with acting sustainably, offer in our equipment structure a wide range of LED lighting.

What does LED mean?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which means “light emitting diode”. It is a technology for conducting light from electrical energy, but which has the function of replacing common halogen or fluorescent type lamps in various equipment, from reflectors for professional use to lanterns and residential lighting.


The lighting system with halogen lamps uses a model of metallic filaments and gas discharges that have a greater impact on the stage lighting in 2021 and require a much higher electrical consumption and more heat.

Where did we use LED lighting?

LED lighting is present in many occasions of everyday life, has a great sustainable advantage, consumes little energy and also does not heat the place, especially in places with low ceilings. Another strong point is that we can change colors during presentations, as technology offers this alternative.


We also have possibilities to adjust the white color in cases of filming, as there is a preference not to use the 'real white', but a “warmer” white (reddish). Today, this system is very common and more economical than the old lighting models. Stage lighting in 2021 is one of the most important points when defining the planning of your event.

Tips for stage lighting in 2021

The combination of different colors and intensity can cause different results, creating a more playful, romantic, more serious atmosphere, etc. And so you don't run the risk of getting your light project wrong, we've separated 5 tips to ensure good lighting for events.

1. Keep the lighting in line with the theme of your event

The lights chosen for your event will be the main responsible for creating the atmosphere of the environment. Therefore, lighting must be worked differently in each type of event. Very colorful lights tend not to work well for romantic and even professional celebrations.

Indirect and more dimmable lighting can be bad for conferences that require the audience to take notes throughout lectures.

To ensure a pleasant space for guests, focus first on the style of the event, and then start thinking about the stage lighting in 2021 that will be used. Think about what activities will be carried out throughout the program. And this ensures visual comfort throughout your event.

2. Plan the location of stage lighting in 2021

Knowing how to position the lights in the space of your event is essential. It is to guarantee the quality of the meeting. It's important to be careful to avoid the spots being in the direction of objects. Similarly, it reflects the light too intensely. Furthermore, this can clutter the space and even irritate those present.

After all, no one likes that ray of light going straight into their eyes. Likewise, decorative elements such as paintings, furniture, banners and stages deserve to be highlighted with the help of stage lighting in 2021. Another important factor when planning lighting for events is to think about the scenography of the space as a whole.
Stage Lighting in 2021 china

3. Check space and available power in stage lighting in 2021

It is important to make a technical visit to ensure that all equipment will have an energy source. Likewise, it is necessary to ensure that the electrical capacity of the venue supports the lighting project created for your event. Always have a generator at your disposal to avoid unpleasant setbacks during your event's schedule.

4. Integrate light with ambient sound

Most events have ambient sound, whether it's a corporate meeting or a celebratory party. Synchronizing and types of stage lighting in 2021 play an important role. You can play with the sound beat can have a strong effect on the environment.

For this, it is important that the professional responsible for lighting knows in advance the type of music that will be played on the day.

For festive celebrations, lights with more colorful shades and with more movement work extremely well. Similarly, for more formal events, with a calmer sound, the ideal is to follow with a more sober lighting project, with indirect and more fixed lights. This will allow the smooth atmosphere of the meeting not to be compromised.

5. Use quality equipment in stage lighting in 2021

When defining the company that will be responsible for stage lighting in 2021 your event, it is important to make sure that the equipment used will be of quality, even in its different shapes and models.

Always assess the credibility of suppliers and ask for extra equipment. You don't run the risk of a light bulb burning out in the middle of the event. And you won't be able to replace it promptly.