Professional Landscape Lighting

 LED 19*15W Bee Eyes Moving Head Light


Performance stage in addition to the sound system also includes lighting equipment systems for professional stage performances. Vltglight shares this article to help you understand more about the professional landscape lighting.

Professional Landscape Lighting

Professional performance stage lighting equipment system includes

Lighting devices are much more diverse and diverse than audio devices. The purpose of use for each type of stage is also different, but we can divide it into 4 groups depending on the purpose of use, and the effect they bring to the stage.

  1. Lighting for performance stage

Professional landscape lighting is good to project onto the stage to help separate the stage from the surrounding space. The common feature of these lamps is the use of incandescent bulbs that provide warm yellow light.
– Ultraviolet (UV) light (black light): Used as the background color of the stage when the lights are off. Ultraviolet light can stay on continuously, not off during performance.

The light of this type will mix with other colors to brighten up the color, highlighting many colors with reflective properties, especially white. There are two types of UV lamps, blue and black, the blue type is brighter than the black one.

LX-L011 Professional landscape lighting

: PAR stands for Parabolic Aluminum Reflector (parabolic aluminum reflector). Basic PAR lights are indispensable at stages.

PAR creates smooth background light, without contrast, dimmer can be used to create blurred light and dark spaces. Because the structure is very simple, compact, easy to move, so PAR is the most common type of lamp today.

  1. Colored lights for the performance stage

Professional landscape lighting has the effect of creating a color array for the stage at will.
– Scanner lamp (scanning light): A lamp with extremely strong light, with many functions to correct the light flow of the bulb such as:

Gobo (blocking light into shapes, flowers…), Color (color), Iris (reduce or enlarge by blocking), multiply images by prism, zoom, rotate horizontally and vertically. Scanner lights produce beautiful, accurate light but are cumbersome, so they are only used for fixed events, often hanging high.

Professional Landscape Lighting 2022

3. Special effects lights for the stage performance

The feature of Professional landscape lighting is that it can be moved and rotated, the lights shine into colorful light rays that bring vividness to the stage.
– Follow light: A type of spotlight that focuses on a circular white light, often used to shine on certain points on the stage, for example, when VIPs go up, shine on the company logo on the stage, …

– Moving head lamp (lamp with moving head) 

Moving head lamp works similar to scanner lamp, but the scanner scans horizontally and vertically by reflecting light through a reflective glass (mirror).

The movement of light is very fast, and accurate. On the contrary, the moving head light is heavy, so the movement is much slower. In return, the horizontal and vertical scanning angle of the scanner lamp is more limited than the moving head.

Professional landscape lighting are often used for mobile events, often placed on the floor and projected upside down. In addition, moving head lights are often designed in bars and discos because when moving, it creates more eye-catching scenes because of the wide angle.

– Strobe light: The light produces light like a flash for taking pictures, but much more powerful. On stage, strobe lights are often used in climactic scenes, flashing rapidly, combined with smoke and laser lights.

– Laser lights: Laser lights are lights that use thin, powerful, colorful light rays to create stage effects

4. Special lights for the performance stage

This light is used to illuminate a fixed position on the stage.

Sun light: There are 2 types of single and double solar lights; double type has 2 rays of light like sunlight rotating in opposite directions.

On stage, the sun lamp is usually placed in the center, shining on the background, behind the drum set. This light only plays at the opening of the event or the beginning of the music, no light. Note: do not abuse many solar lights to avoid boredom.

Center-piece: As the name suggests, the Professional landscape lighting is always placed in the center of the stage. On stage, the central light should be used to shine on the background to create a dynamic pattern.

Other stage lighting auxiliary equipment

Although they are not lights, these devices also contribute to making the stage more professional, such as:
Reflective glass beads: use this device to be placed near the background, use small rays of light to illuminate the stage make stars in the sky.
Cloud light: Like a movie light in the shape of clouds, the cloud light moves very slowly.
Smoke generator: make the light effect even more outstanding

Bubble sprayer: Like playing soap bubbles for children, when using this sprayer, bubbles will come out more and more continuously.

Snow maker: Consists of tiny soap bubbles that stick together, looking like falling snow from afar. Note that when the stage floor is made of wood or glazed stone, be careful when using it, it can make people standing on the stage easily fall because it is very slippery.

Glitter machine: Note that when using Professional landscape lighting, do not spray on electrical equipment because the paper is coated with aluminum, which can conduct electricity and cause a short circuit.

LED Professional landscape lighting


This is a line of lights that integrates today’s advanced technologies that are led technology with the advantages of led lights such as super power saving, high brightness, compact and eye-catching design, typical of  Professional landscape lighting.

This is LED 19*15W Bee Eyes Moving Head Light. The normal par led line is used for lighting the background of the stage or a certain architectural work.


– Voltage: AC 90V-250V 50/60Hz

– Control: DMX 512, master-slave, independent touch

– Projection angle: 10-45 degrees

– Structure of die-cast aluminum shell, beautiful and widely used.

– LED life >100 thousand hours

– Light source: 54 bulbs 3 in 1 rgb

Follow lights

This is a type of light used to shine on VIP guests when stepping on stage, when using this light, all other stage lights must be turned off. Follow lights are classified by lighting power such as follow 1200w or 1500w.

Currently, the follow lights have had a lot of improvements to the lights, which are more compact than before, using energy-saving light sources, that is, using led or beam bulbs. The price of new types of follow lights is also cheaper, but the lighting feature has not been changed.