Even the most beautiful decor can be ruined by the wrong lighting. The opposite is also true. Well-crafted wedding lighting san Francisco bay area brings life, exuberance and charm to any simpler venue.

Wedding Lighting San Francisco bay area

Wedding lighting San Francisco bay area

The lights are responsible for creating the perfect environment, acting as a kind of link between all the elements of the event. If your wedding is at night, in the late afternoon, or during a morning that could be cloudy, lighting should be thought of with care.

The reception venue usually already offers some standard lighting items, but if you’re not too happy with these options or want to add a different effect to your wedding, here are some lovely suggestions:

Modern and colorful lights

A proposal that is in evidence in modern weddings is the use of wedding lighting san francisco bay area, especially in minimalist spaces or decorated with more neutral colors. The lighting scheme can emphasize the predominant color in your palette.

If you like to bet on more different ideas, placing a lighting point under the tables (dinner or guests) can be a nice alternative.

In addition, you can invest in modern and colorful lights in specific stations mounted at the reception. The cocktail venue and the dance floor, for example, can be lit up with vibrant, warm colors such as orange, red and purple

vintage weather wedding lighting san francisco bay area

For a glamorous vintage effect, a suspended glass chandelier is unbeatable. Just check that the leased location for the wind allows temporary placement of these luminaires. Moreover, if the place is too big, you can opt for just one room with this elegant, retro lighting.

Curtain of wedding lighting san francisco bay area, lamps made with lacy containers, string of illuminated balls, panels, etc. are some ideas that can be done to add another touch of vintage lighting to your party. And you can make some elements yourself, in the best DIY style!

Candles and Romanticism

Nothing is more romantic than the soft glow of a candle flame, is it?! No wonder that dinner by candlelight is the darling of lovers! Many brides choose this type of lighting for their wedding. In addition to being romantic, it is simple, cheap and very simple.

Candles can be used as centerpieces or as stand-alone dots of light. Furthermore, they can also be placed in floral arrangements or in jars with water to float. By using scented candles, you can even add a pleasant fragrance to your reception place. What about?

Open air wedding lighting San Francisco bay area

Lighting is essential for an outdoor wedding that will linger into the night. Lights in an open space can create an enchanting ambience, as well as delimit the place if it is too large. See how the “feast lights” make any party much more charming.

Fairy lights (those little string lights) can be used to highlight all the particular features of the place. With citronella candles, you will have the advantage of keeping unwanted insects well away. Place them in jars so the wind doesn’t extinguish the flames.

To create a more dramatic mood, line the entrance to the reception with wedding lighting san francisco bay area.

Knowing a little more about the possibilities, you can share your ideas with your decorator or your decorator and increase the lighting of your wedding according to your style.

15 wedding lighting ideas to brighten up your event space

You and your newlywed spouse won’t be the only things that shine on the big day. Moreover, try these wedding lighting ideas to add ambience to your ceremony or reception location.

If your wedding venue needs a decorative boost, keep scrolling – these wedding light decorating ideas give the term “mood” a whole new meaning.

Rice paper wedding lighting san francisco bay area

This whimsical wedding lighting idea is perfect for a casual setting like a barn, backyard wedding, or a beach wedding. Use a selection of different sizes of paper lanterns to create a multi-dimensional focus piece above your dance floor.

Wedding Lighting San Francisco bay area

Individual neon sign

The neon trend doesn’t seem to be losing traction anytime soon. Moreover, this eye-catching wedding lighting san francisco option is great if you really want to personalize your function space. Moreover, you can use the neon sign to showcase your last name or feature a sassy phrase behind your head table for an instant photo backdrop.

Rattan lanterns

Looking for a boho wedding theme? Rattan lanterns blend seamlessly with the rest of your wedding decorations. Add greens and floating votive candles to complete the laid-back vibe.

Chandelier with wooden beads

If traditional crystal chandeliers aren’t quite the look you’re looking for, try modern bead styles instead. Similarly, a collection of white and ivory chandeliers gives this wedding lounge an airy, eclectic element.

XXL illuminated letters

Let everyone know of your love loud and clear with huge marquee love lettering. Your guests won’t be able to resist taking a photo or two in front of this statement backdrop.

Candle aisle markers

Decorate your ceremonial aisle with wedding lighting san francisco bay area to create a romantic, cozy atmosphere. Moreover, this is one of our favorite (and easiest) wedding lighting ideas that you can recreate in almost any type of venue, from garden weddings to formal ballrooms.

Bistro wedding lighting San Francisco bay area

Regardless of whether you get married outdoors or indoors, bistro fairy lights or Christmas lights immediately bring charm and character. Moreover, hang them in rows above your lounge area, dance floor or wedding party tables to create a magical canopy of fairy lights.

clear wedding tent with fairy lights and round banquet tables

Tent fairy lights

For the ultimate wow factor, accent a transparent wedding tent with dozen of draped LED fairy lights – it will feel like you are partying under a sky full of stars. Moreover, this wedding lighting idea also looks gorgeous with a standard marquee or canvas tent.

Edison wedding lighting San Francisco bay area

Generally, Edison light bulbs are an elegant, nifty pendant light if you love modern style. Hang them vertically from the ceiling on long cables for an industrial-inspired backdrop on your wedding day.

Antler chandelier

Romantic with a rustic touch! Wedding lighting san francisco bay area looks right at home in a barn or country wedding venue.

Pillar candles ceremony altar

Make your wedding ceremony extra intimate by surrounding the altar with pillar candles and lush green accents. Furthermore, the candles give the room a warm white light that feels inviting and homely.