Outdoor Wedding Lighting

Where is the professional stage lighting construction unit?

Outdoor Wedding Lighting

A beautiful stage next to the decoration is impossible without the presence of outdoor wedding lighting. The light from the stage lights properly mounted on the stage helps create color patches, gradient effects help highlight your whole stage space.

Choosing the right stage lights is extremely necessary to determine the effectiveness of a performance program, event, etc. Therefore, with the information that we bring above will be essential for you in choosing stage lights.

How to choose stage lights to match each space?

Stage lights are very diverse in different types, so depending on each stage, you should choose the most suitable type of light, typically as follows:

1. Outdoor wedding lighting for the mini stage


Outdoor wedding lighting is usually the stage for singing together, going to wedding shows or parties at home, etc., so it will be suitable for simple stage lights with relatively moderate brightness and small design. Compact as stage led lights, mini 2-head stage lights, laser scanning beam lights….

  1. The stage at the karaoke room

Normally, for karaoke rooms, we only need to use stage lights with small capacity such as 7-color rotating karaoke lights with a capacity of 5V because its space is not too large, besides you should Choose more color spheres to give the stage the most attractive color.

  1. Outdoor stage

Outdoor wedding lighting is usually with a larger scale such as: music stage, performance stage, etc., so the stage lights used need to have a very large capacity, to ensure brings professionalism to the program. Therefore, suitable stage lights such as 1000w stage lights, 230 beam stage lights, 1.5W beam scanning Laser lights…

Popular Outdoor Wedding Lighting in the Market Today

Currently on the market, there are many units of stage lighting construction, in order to meet the needs of everyone. Whether you want to buy or install stage lights at any other place, you should do your research thoroughly before making a decision.

The stage lighting system is the combination of many lighting devices together. From there, creating color transition effects highlighting the event stage space.


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Some things to keep in mind when designing the system spotlights address spotlights sale

1/ The role of light factor in the event

A successful event, a beautiful stage, besides the decoration, it is indispensable for the lighting system and the sound system.

Light is a tool to help create atmosphere, effects, and nuances of emotions for viewers.

The stage lighting system needs to be designed and installed scientifically, properly to create a strong effect and push the climax for the event. The light helps to change the dark and bright colors continuously, very artistically, creating a feeling for viewers to follow better.

Whether night or day, the light system will flexibly switch to help the event become shimmering and more beautiful.

2/ Notes to get a complete stage lighting system

In order for the event to take place on schedule and professionally, it requires technical staff with professional experience. From there, combining the equipment of the lighting system is logical and scientific.

Step 1: Consider the budget and location of the outdoor wedding lighting event. Consider the location of the stage, how should the lighting equipment be arranged, how much it costs, etc. Then research and come up with specific ideas address for selling stage lights

Step 2: After all the ideas are fully outlined, you decide which lamps to choose for lighting. What is the main color of the program? Some commonly used lamps such as laser lights, moving head lights, led headlights, etc.

Step 3: Install lighting equipment combined with stage layout and sound equipment. This is an extremely important step that greatly affects the success of the entire program.

Outdoor wedding lighting need to be installed symmetrically

That is, based on the dividing line, you need to place an additional lamp identical to the opposite side. Scanning lights or moving heads need to be placed on the right side for the best lighting effect.

Currently, in any music program, game show, exhibition, etc. or many artistic and sports activities, outdoor wedding lighting is indispensable in every program or event, especially the line of lights stage laser.

Outdoor Wedding Lighting 2022

So, why is the design of cheap stage laser lights so important? Let’s read through the following article to know more about this type of lamp.

Cheap outdoor wedding lighting design

The benefits of designing cheap stage laser lights

Laser stage lights are one of the most popular lights today with many uses and projection features. However, in general, all types of laser stage lights are easy to classify into the following 2 categories: beam-scanning laser lights and projection laser lights.

  1. For high brightness

The stage space is large, so the outdoor wedding lighting has nice design with a capacity suitable for the vast majority of different large and small stages. Manufactured using modern technology and thoroughly tested, so the durability of the lamp is high. Lights bring high-definition rays, animations, patterns, and bright colors. With smooth motion that is not stiff like other spotlights.

  1. Light has a wide coverage

Has a design with extremely high finishing. The points connecting the metal frame parts are sure to bring minimalism in the design.

The place where the connection and control ports are concentrated helps you to have the widest coverage of lasers in the easiest way. With these knobs, you will easily control according to the built-in scenarios on the stage.

3. Rotation and ray-matching features create shimmer effects

The modern mirror scanning system has high flexibility, so the smooth rotation will allow the laser light to move uniquely and strongly.

When operating outdoor wedding lighting, it will combine with built-in features such as rotation and ray pairing. Each ray comes to produce many color rays with each scanning ray.