Wedding Lighting Napa California

Are you dreaming of an outdoor wedding lighting napa California and want to enjoy your special day in nature? Great idea! In your own garden, on the beach, in a botanical garden or in the forest - with the right wedding lighting. It is an exceptionally romantic atmosphere can be created at an outdoor wedding.

Wedding Lighting Napa California

Discover our inspirations here to realize your wedding in the open air.

Rain or shine ...

The weather is the least reliable guest at your outdoor wedding, but don't let it spoil your day. Be prepared for anything with pavilions and pergolas. They protect the buffet and your visitors from rain and sunshine.

Walk to the altar

Stride in style to your magical altar. Nature alone offers a wonderful backdrop. Give it the finishing touches by decorating the aisle to the altar with fairy lights and lanterns. The walk to the altar is design very easily.

Several rows of chairs set up left and right, a corridor left in the middle and a wedding arch set up at the end of the corridor.

Surround the whole thing with wedding lighting napa California and other decorations. We recommend placing the wedding arch between two trees or directly in front of a tree. It is so that the altar becomes the focal point. Trees festively decorate with paper lanterns or paper lanterns and set sparkling accents in the distance.

When it gets dark, party fairy lights provide that hang in a zigzag from tree to tree, for sufficient lighting and a beautiful sky of lights. In addition, LED lanterns that place along the way serve as an orientation aid for your guests. Wooden signposts and signs integrate perfectly into the natural surroundings.

Fabulous table decorations with wedding lighting napa California

Proper table decorations play an important role in outdoor wedding ceremonies. A long table, several tables in a row or in a circle and centerpieces decorated with flowers are a must.

The right table decoration can be created with the help of potted plants, wooden flower boxes with Rosemary and thyme or glass bells with micro fairy lights.

Wedding lighting napa California is also a good choice for outdoor table decorations, as they do not go out in the wind. Place the tea lights in glasses on the table or hang the tea light glasses on bushes or chairs with some wire. In combination with fabrics and flowers there is no risk of fire. With these table decoration ideas, you will astonish your guests.

If two people dare, the decoration has to be right. If you are still thinking about how you can give your wedding a unique personality and a lot of style, we have the ultimate solution for you: A Wedding Neon Sign!

How to redefine wedding lighting?

No matter whether you want to illuminate the ceremony or are looking for the perfect backdrop for a photo wall, thanks to this unusual decoration with a vintage flair, you guarantee to get numerous compliments from your wedding guests.

How you can add glamor and glow to your wedding with wedding lighting napa California. It can serve as inspiration as you prepare for the most beautiful day of your life. In our online shop you will find a wide collection of neon signs that will undoubtedly astonish every guest at your wedding.

1. Says Cheese! Neon for the photo wall at your wedding

Whether a selfie point or a professional photo corner, a decorated wall for your guests' snapshots is a must at any wedding. Not only are friends and family busy while the couple has professional photos taken, but you also get great souvenir photos that will last forever.

A neon sign in combination with flowers or simply green leaves makes the wall appear even more interesting and stylish. Here we have some ideas for a neon lettering on a photo wall:

2. Beautify the altar at your wedding with wedding lighting napa California

We wanted a modern wedding that underlines the urban character of their shared history. For years they have been traveling from city to city, making the clubs of Europe unsafe together.

Contrary to the expectations of conventional wedding guests, they wanted to design the altar at their wedding ceremony in such a way that it represented their personal style. They came across wedding lighting napa California.

Of course, this modern touch on the altar is not to everyone's taste. But if you like the colorful lighting, which is reminiscent of trendy districts and nightlife, you can also incorporate it into the ceremony.

Wedding Lighting Napa California 2021

A wedding moving light on the altar of your wedding guarantee to be an eye-catcher. How about, for example:

3. Neon to greet the guests and as a signpost

When the ceremony is over and you want to welcome your guests to an unforgettable party, a neon sign guarantees to serve as a great welcome. Whether at the entrance to the venue or as an invitation to celebrate, the glowing lettering quickly creates a mood.

The whole thing can also be combined with a statement about the reason for the festivity, which this wedding lighting napa California proves:

4. Wedding lighting napa California for the bar

What is a wedding reception without drinks? A little boring, isn't it? Neon lettering for the bar of your wedding guarantee not to be boring. At a champagne reception, on the edge of the dance floor or for the cocktail bar, a neon sign casts a spell over every thirsty guest.

The following neon LED lamps are suitable for this:

  • Cheers my dears
  • Drunk in love
  • But first, bubbles

5. Neon on your wedding dance floor

Tina and Clemens love to dance and wanted a wedding where absolutely every guest could dance. It was particularly important for both of them that all of their attention should be paid to the floor, where a call to celebration must emerge.

That's why they decided on the wedding lighting 'Let's Party'. Other possible neon signs that will light up the dance floor at your wedding are these:

  • No excuses
  • Let's dance
  • Life is a party