Professional lighting 2021

Check out tips on wedding Professional lighting 2021 and get inspired by the many ways to use lights on your big day. We've selected great tips for you.

Professional lighting 2021

Wedding lighting is always an issue that haunts the wedding organization. That's because, among so many options, we don't know which one will match better with our personal style and with the decoration of the Big Day. With that in mind, we've separated 8 lighting tips to make your Wedding Ceremony wonderful.

1) Directed Professional lighting 2021 points

A classic wedding Professional lighting 2021 is the mixture of light glasses. If you want transparency, originality and daring in flowers, this decoration is a great tip. Glasses, lights and candles always look very original and classic.

2) Decorative light positioned towards the middle of the entrance hall

One of the newest light decorations on the wedding market is the light aisle. Instead of using a rug, use lighting to further contemplate this space. If you use flowers, mix between small and medium, thus maintaining simplicity and elegance.

3) Light directed upwards

In addition to innovating in the mirror rug, have you ever thought about directing light from the floor to the top of flowers and shrubs? It gets creative, clean and very elegant.

4) Lamps

Lamps are easy to use in various decorations when it comes to weddings. In case of outdoor Professional lighting 2021, you can place the lights extended to illuminate the room. If your wedding is indoors, you can use it in some spaces, such as behind the bride and groom's table or the sweets table.

5) Christmas Professional lighting 2021

Use and abuse the Christmas lights. You know those extensions with very small lights, which are delicate and white? Bet on this item to decorate tables, chairs, trees and other details that are “dull” and without lighting. This is a great tip for those who want to decorate the wedding without spending too much on Professional lighting 2021.

Candles inside glass vases

If you didn't know what to put on your guests' table, now you know. Get creative and create glass jars and bottles with fabrics, lace, sand, shells and other items. Finish the decoration of this item using a small candle that will illuminate the center of the table and the inside of the container. Mix the bottles between flowers and candles.

7) Light boxes

Small lit boxes are a simple and very elegant idea to decorate the aisle to the altar. You can use some light boxes, clear glass with flowers and arrangements.

8) Light Curtain

As well as the light aisle, another item that is making a big splash at weddings is the Light Curtains, which comes with several meters of Christmas lights. These small LED lamps are common to make the environment cozier with a low and simple lighting.

Wedding Lighting: Tips for Lighting Your Dream Wedding!

You may have already noticed that most of the real weddings we post have one detail in common in their decor: the differentiated wedding lighting. Some use chandeliers, others Fairy Lights curtains... and there are those that mix many different types of lighting to create a unique style.

This is because Professional lighting 2021 is an essential factor for any event. It's according to her that you can give a final touch to the style of the party.


Making the place even more rustic and cozy or even more luxurious and sophisticated!

In short: lighting determines the feel of the environment and fills important spaces in the party scene.

And if your dream is to know which lighting to bet, today is your lucky day! Check out how to choose the perfect lighting, the types most sought after by brides and run talk to your decorator to make the wedding decoration even more beautiful than you had imagined!

Keep reading to learn more about wedding lighting!

How to choose the perfect Professional lighting 2021?

When choosing Professional lighting 2021, it is important to have the style and location of the party already defined. Thus, you choose the most suitable option for the occasion and environment of your ceremony and reception of guests.

Another important detail to be evaluated is the time of the party, as daytime weddings do not always look good with different lights in the decoration.

Thinking to help you better visualize how to choose the lighting, we have separated the most sought after options by the brides. Check out!

Candles for Professional lighting 2021

They are sought after to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. You can bet on the candle for the wedding ceremony and reception of guests, it will all depend on the Professional lighting 2021.

On the other hand, more traditional weddings use it in a subtle way, such as marking the bride's path, or in just a few places around the room.

However, if you are getting married in church, it is important to ask a person in charge if it is possible to have them in the decoration. Some churches do not allow the use of candles, so it is important to always check!
Professional lighting 2021 china

Candles at the reception of guests

When it comes time to decorate the guests' reception, it's time for the bride to be “freer” to choose different decor options – but without running away from the style proposed right at the start. Therefore, the bride can use and abuse candles in various places in the salon.

The most used way is to use Professional lighting 2021, creating a romantic mood that guests love! For the most luxurious weddings, the bride can invest in large, luxurious chandeliers in shades of gold, silver, or crystal, whichever goes better with the rest of the wedding decor.

Candles in Wedding Decoration

Another space that cannot be without the beautiful candles is the cake table. Thanks to the candles, the photos come out beautiful! So you can perfect the quantity, it's worth it!

Tip: If you are going to get married during the day, it is not worth betting on candles, as you will lose their beautiful effect on the wedding decoration. But don't be sad, you can find many types of lighting that are perfect for your dream wedding!